UrbanLink Partners with Lilium: Emission-Free Air Taxis

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UrbanLink Partners with Lilium
UrbanLink Partners with Lilium

Lilium, the German aviation company claiming to pioneer the first eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) jet on the market, has reached another milestone in its collaborations within the United States. This recent partnership marks a significant stride for America’s airline industry as well.

Established aviation operators have long shown interest in electric air taxis, but the alliance between UrbanLink and Lilium signifies the first formal commitment in the industry. UrbanLink, by placing a firm order for 20 units of the Lilium eVTOL jet, becomes the inaugural airline in the US to commit to integrating eVTOLs into its fleet.

This commitment is noteworthy for its independence from a commercial operator with vested interests in the aircraft manufacturer. Lilium’s Chief Commercial Officer, Sebastien Borel, sees this as indicative of a mature market and signals a burgeoning demand for these all-electric, emission-free alternatives.

UrbanLink Partners with Lilium
UrbanLink Partners with Lilium

The timing of UrbanLink’s purchase aligns with the advanced stage of the first Lilium Jet’s assembly, primed for its inaugural piloted flight tests later this year. With Lilium’s progress, it won’t be long before UrbanLink-operated eVTOL jets grace the skies of America, which are slated to commence services in just two years if all goes according to plan.

Lilium touts a simplified version of traditional jet engines, powering 95% of today’s commercial airliners. Its electric jet engines utilize a single-stage rotor/stator system driven by an electric motor, blending jet propulsion performance with zero emissions.

Currently undergoing type certification from both EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), Lilium anticipates its first commercial electric jet, after nearly a decade of development and testing, to take flight with a pilot onboard this year.


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