Stowaway on Southwest? Passenger Found Relaxing in Overhead Compartment!

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South West Airlines

Southwest Airlines is investigating an unusual incident involving a passenger who climbed into an overhead bin during a recent flight. The incident gained attention after a video was posted on TikTok, garnering over five million views before being deleted.

The incident reportedly took place on a flight from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Phoenix, Arizona. However, details about the passenger’s identity and the reason behind the act remain unknown.

woman sleeping overhead bin Southwest Airlines flight video goes viral

The video, shared by TikTok user @gmonique_132, showed a woman lying in the overhead bin above rows 12 and 13, with the caption “Southwest is wildn.” The clip sparked curiosity and humor among viewers, with many questioning how the woman got up there.

Southwest Airlines acknowledged the video and stated that they are looking into the matter. While the airline has not confirmed specific details about the incident, flight data suggests it may have occurred on flight WN3716, operated by a Boeing 737-700, on Sunday, May 5th.

This isn’t the first time Southwest has faced scrutiny on TikTok. In 2019, a flight attendant was seen peeking out of an overhead bin at Nashville International Airport, and last summer, a similar incident was captured on a Ryanair flight departing from Ibiza.

In February, Southwest received backlash on TikTok for unveiling redesigned seats that some users found uncomfortable. The airline defended the redesign but later removed the video from its profile.

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