Superhero Wings: How Much Do Boeing 787 Wings Actually Bend?

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Boeing airplanes

Have you ever seen a Boeing 787 Dreamliner wing bend while taking off? It’s a pretty cool sight, but how much can it actually flex?

The secret behind the bendy wings is the use of carbon fiber, a super strong and lightweight material. Boeing uses this material for about half of each wing. These fancy wings aren’t just for show, though – they actually make your flight smoother!

Boeing airplanes being manufactured in factories

The wings can bend up and down by several feet, especially during takeoff. This flexibility helps absorb bumps and wind gusts, making the flight feel smoother for passengers. Imagine the wing acting like a giant shock absorber for your airplane!

Boeing put these wings to the ultimate test by applying 1.5 times the force they would ever experience during a normal flight. Even under these extreme conditions, the wings didn’t break! So you can rest assured that the bend you see during takeoff is well within the wing’s capability.

In short, the bendy wings of the 787 Dreamliner are a result of clever engineering with strong, lightweight materials. This design makes your flight smoother and more enjoyable!

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