Is United Airlines the Mystery Buyer of 51 Airbus A321neos?

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the interior of the a321neos

Airbus, a giant plane maker in Europe, recently sold more than 50 brand new A321neo airplanes. These are super fuel-efficient jets that airlines love. Normally, Airbus tells everyone who buys their planes, but this time, they’re keeping it a secret!

There are rumors that the mystery buyer might be United Airlines, a major airline based in Chicago. This could be because they recently changed their plans and won’t be buying any Boeing 737 MAX 10 airplanes until next year at least.

A United Airlines jetliner lifts off from Denver International Airport on June 10, 2020, in Denver. United

Some people say that airlines in the US have to tell everyone if they buy a lot of expensive things, like airplanes. This is because of a rule by the SEC that ensures investors are informed. However, others say this rule only requires airlines to announce these big purchases every few months, so maybe United will tell everyone soon.

United got their very first A321neo last year, which was the first new Airbus plane they had gotten in over 20 years! They seem to really like these planes because they’ve ordered a bunch more – 122 more on top of the 8 they already have. We still don’t know for sure who bought all these new planes from Airbus. Maybe United will announce it soon, or maybe Airbus will eventually reveal the mystery buyer. Only time will tell!


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