Jet2 Taking You There: Summer Adventures with Their 6 Boeing 757s

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jet2 holdiays

Jet2 took off 21 years ago in 2003 and has grown into a major UK airline with leisure flights. They now have 11 bases from which their planes can take off and land, with Liverpool being the newest addition. They’ll open their 12th base in Bournemouth next April.

Jet2 has a big fleet of over 125 airplanes! Most of them are Boeing 737-800s, but they also have other types of airplanes, including 737-300s, A321neos, A321ceos, 757-200ERs, and even a couple of A330-200s.

Jet2Holdiays flight is waiting to take off

Out of all these airplanes, the Boeing 757s are the veterans. The average age of these 6 planes is 32.7 years, more than double the age of Jet2’s other airplanes! In fact, two even older 757s were recently retired from the fleet.

The remaining 6 Boeing 757s are all 235-seat airplanes, and the oldest one is G-LSAI at 36.6 years old. Believe it or not, this plane is the oldest passenger 757 still flying in the world for an airline!

These classic airplanes have flown for many airlines before joining Jet2’s fleet. For example, G-LSAI used to fly for China Southern Airlines back in 1987!

If you’re looking to fly on a piece of aviation history, you’ll have to take off from Manchester. That’s the only airport Jet2 uses to fly their 757s. These planes will fly to 26 different airports between May and September, with some destinations getting just a few flights. Be sure to check Jet2’s website for the latest schedule if you want to fly on a classic Boeing 757 this summer!


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