US military Owns The Biggest Delivery Drone Ever!

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US military is getting a giant cargo drone for deliveries! This drone, called RUMRUNNER, is made by a company called Pyka and can carry up to 400 pounds of stuff for 200 miles. It’s basically a supersized version of Pyka’s electric Pelican cargo drone.

But what exactly is a drone? A drone, also called an Unmanned Air System (UAS), is basically a flying robot with no pilot on board. They can be controlled remotely or fly on their own. Drones are used for all sorts of things these days, from taking pictures and videos to helping farmers and even delivering packages. The very first drones were actually invented for target practice in the 1920s!

Pelican Cargo
The Pyka Pelican Cargo

Pyka, the company that makes RUMRUNNER, was founded by a guy named Michael Norcia, who loved building remote-controlled airplanes as a kid. He started Pyka in his parents’ garage and now they’re making giant electric drones for the military!

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