F-35 Delivery Slowdown? US Audit Warns of Potential Delays

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There might be a delay in getting some new fighter jets to the military! A US government report says that a company called Lockheed Martin is building a bunch of F-35 fighter jets, but the military can’t accept them yet because of a software issue.

Lockheed Martin says they can fix the software problem and get the jets ready for delivery in about a year. However, the government report is worried it might take much longer.

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The reason for the delay is a new software update for the jets called TR-3. There seem to be some bugs in the software, and the military doesn’t want to accept the jets until they’re sure it’s safe to fly them.

Even though they can’t fly the new jets yet, Lockheed Martin keeps building them! This means they have a bunch of jets sitting in storage waiting for the software update.

The military says they’re working on a temporary solution – a simpler version of the software that will allow the jets to fly safely. But this won’t give the jets all the new features they were supposed to have. Those will have to wait until next year.

Lockheed Martin says they’re working hard to fix the software problem and keep building jets. They want to make sure these powerful planes get delivered to the military as soon as possible.

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