From First to Now: The Story of Johannesburg’s Rand Airport

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Johannesburg’s first international airport isn’t just a piece of history – it’s still up and running today! While bigger planes can’t land there anymore, Rand Airport has found a new purpose.

Back in 1931, Rand Airport was the place to be for international flights. It even became the main airport for South African Airways! During World War II, it played a role too, as a base for South Africa’s Air Force.

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Johannesburg Rand Airpot Aerial View

The airport eventually got too small for the biggest jets, so passenger flights moved to a different airport in 1948. But Rand Airport didn’t shut down! Instead, it became a center for smaller airplanes. Think flying schools, air charter companies, and places that fix planes.

There’s even a South African Airways Museum at Rand Airport now, with a whole collection of aviation stuff, including two giant Boeing 747 airplanes! So next time you’re in Johannesburg, you can visit the old airport and learn all about the history of flight in South Africa.

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