UrbanLink’s eVTOL Airline: Partnering with Lilium and Ferrovial for US Launch by 2026

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UrbanLink's eVTOL Airline
UrbanLink's eVTOL Airline

The race to launch the first commercial electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) airline in the US is heating up, and UrbanLink Air Mobility is emerging as a key player.

The Florida-based company recently secured two crucial partnerships: one with Lilium, a German manufacturer of eVTOL aircraft, and another with Ferrovial Vertiports, a subsidiary of infrastructure giant Ferrovial.

This strategic collaboration ensures UrbanLink has access to both the cutting-edge electric vehicles and the vertiport infrastructure needed to take flight.

UrbanLink's eVTOL Airline
UrbanLink’s eVTOL Airline (UrbanLink)

By securing both elements of the eVTOL ecosystem, UrbanLink is taking a major step toward revolutionizing urban transportation in the United States.

Lilium, a German company developing electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles, has set its sights on launching operations in South Florida and Southern California by 2026.

Revealed at the recent EBACE 2024 airshow, these eVTOLs go beyond simply offering quiet commutes.

Lilium’s design breaks the mold by incorporating jet engine principles into its electric propulsion system.

This innovation holds the promise of not only reducing emissions but also achieving the high speeds traditionally associated with jet travel.


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