Lilium’s Electric Jet: Successful Test of Revolutionary eVTOL Aircraft

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Lilium's Electric Jet
Lilium's Electric Jet

After nearly a decade of development, Lilium’s electric jet propulsion system has achieved a significant milestone: completing its initial test series.

This accomplishment marks a major step forward for the company’s eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft, a revolutionary design in the emerging urban air mobility sector.

The testing involved a propulsion unit comprised of two engines and a mounting system, conducted at a dedicated facility near Lilium’s headquarters in Germany. With these initial hurdles cleared, the next phase involves ground testing and integration into the first flight-ready aircraft.

Lilium is collaborating with a global network of suppliers to bring this project to life. These include European firms like Aernnova (propulsion mounting system) and InoBat (battery cells), as well as Denso and Honeywell for the e-motor, and SKF for bearings.

Lilium's Electric Jet
Lilium’s Electric Jet (Lilium)

A key partnership is brewing in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Volkswagen Group, a major car manufacturer, is indirectly backing InoBat, a Slovakia battery company, through its investment in Gotion High-Tech.

Gotion, a battery giant supplying Volkswagen with future car batteries, holds a significant stake in InoBat and will provide crucial expertise for InoBat’s upcoming large-scale battery factory.

Meanwhile, Lilium, a German developer of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) jets, is gearing up for piloted test flights later this year.

With certification expected in two years, Lilium is also expanding its customer base and securing launch partners for air taxi operations in the US. This includes a luxurious four-seat version of their innovative eVTOL jet, catering to the high-end market.


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