2024 ZX-6R Release date, Price, Specifications, Photos, And Features

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2024 ZX-6R
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The 2024 ZX-6R has an all-new face that’s sharper and more aggressive. It has twin LED headlights, which have been redesigned, and the line has been brought on the face with the current gen ZX-10R.

The 2024 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R super sport has been finally upgraded to meet the latest Euro5 emission standards. The motorcycle has been launched in Europe. The upgraded Ninja ZX-6R is now eligible to make its manner lower back to the Indian marketplace, and it’s going to create a large impact within the Indian market. However, an official announcement will be made.

Considering how tiny these winglets are compared to the giant airplane wings that are becoming more prevalent on today’s sports bikes, you’d almost think their primary purpose was something else, like diverting hot air from the rider.

But in fact, Kawasaki is calling these winglets with the intent to add some downforce over the front tire. The popular middleweight supersport has seen a major upgrade over its predecessor that includes changes to the engine, aesthetics, and performance.

2024 ZX-6R
2024 ZX-6R Credit- Inmoto

2024 ZX-6R Specifications, And Features:

Engine: The model 2021 ZX-6R had a 636cc engine, so it is expected that the 2024 version will have a more powerful engine

Power output: ZX-6R has 128 horsepower at 12,000+ rpm and 69Nm at 10,750+ rpm

Chassis: It is really lightweight; it is approximately 430 lb. It owns an aluminum perimeter frame

2024-kawasaki-ZX6R Credit- Motorcycle Overview

KQS:(KAWASAKI QUICK SHIFTER) It is designed to help the riders maximize their acceleration on the track by enabling clutch-less upshifts with the throttle, which has to be fully opened

Braking: ZX-6R has high-quality breaks like dual front disc brakes with radial-mounted calipers. Dual semi-floating 310mm. Discs with dual radial-mounted, monobloc, opposed 4-piston caliper (and KIBS ABS) are the front brakes. Single 220mm. Petal discs with a single-piston caliper (and KIBS ABS) is the rear brake

Front Suspension / Wheel Travel:  It has 41mm. Inverted fork (SFF-BP) with rebound and compression damping and spring preload adjustability, and top-out springs /4.7 in.

Rear Suspension / Wheel Travel: It has Bottom-link Uni-Trak® with gas-charged shock with a piggyback reservoir, compression, and rebound damping, and spring preload adjustability/of 5.9 in.

2024 Kawasaki ZX-6R price and Launch date in India:

2024 Kawasaki ZX-6R Price and Launch Date in India:

In the current situation, there has been no indication from the company regarding this matter. However, we can consider the fact that the ZX-6R still enjoys strong demand in the pre-owned market and that the Euro-4 model was sold in our country; Kawasaki could well bring this updated, emissions-compliant model here.

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2024 Chevrolet suburban Credit: Zeegwheels

In the UK, the Kawasaki ZX-6R is priced at $11,299, which is approx 10 lakh, which slots it neatly between the Z900 and the Ninja 1000. This was the case with the earlier model too, when it was on sale in India. If it does come to India, expect the Kawasaki ZX-6R to sit somewhere around the Rupees 12 lakh mark.


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