Exclusive First Glimpse of Aprilia RS457 in the UK with Danny

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Aprilia RS457 – UK Exclusive First Look with Danny

SuperBike News was in attendance at the UK-exclusive launch of the all-new Aprilia RS457 at Silverstone earlier this month. Danny McFadden went along to take a peek at our readers. Here’s what he has to say.

The RS457 Aprilia looks to dominate the A2 sector with an all-new model offering the highest permissible power-to-weight ratio (35kw > 159kg dry) for the class thanks to the all-new 457cc 90-degree parallel twin engine and its aluminum frame.

Coupled with class-leading electronics, which are all made possible due to its ride-by-wire throttle system.

Exclusive First Glimpse of Aprilia RS457 in the UK with Danny
Exclusive First Glimpse of Aprilia RS457 in the UK with Danny (Credits: Aprilia)

Three rider modes regulating power output, torque, and traction control are selectable using the back-lit switchgear and viewed through its 5” TFT dash with the addable dealer options of a quick shifter and the Aprilia MIA communication system. 2 stage selectable ABS should offer the additional feel required during any track based foray.

Braking developed by Brembo yet manufactured through their subsidiary Bybre helps to keep the price down and, according to Aprilia, still manages to produce class-leading performance and feel, which is a similar claim with the Showa-developed and subsidiary-manufactured preload-only adjustable suspension.

The final specification of which was reached during the model’s considerable testing program. Although the final OTR price has yet to be announced, it is anticipated to fall below the £7k mark, making it a very competitive proposition.

With styling very much in line with its larger siblings (RS660/RSV4) and ergonomics as per the RS660, which also uses widely spaced above the yoke clip, ons should offer the ideal compromise between all-day usability and performance.

Available in 3 color schemes: Racing stripes and Opalescent light, both new themes on the instantly recognizable Aprilia schemes. It is, however, the 3rd option, ‘Prismatic dark,’ which we believe will take the limelight.

A deep and tastefully executed take on the ‘chameleon’ light-changing color paint schemes of yesteryear coupled with red wheels and accenting decals gave positive ‘Tron’ vibes at the launch.

Overall, based on the data and first impressions, it looks very much like they’ve nailed their design brief. SuperBike News looks forward to testing the RS457 in due course to find out.


By Jayson O'Neil

Jayson is a car-o-holic, and you will often find him writing about cars & bikes here at DaxStreet. You can reach out to him at [email protected]

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