Cody Webb Secures Victory at the 2024 King of the Motos

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The 2024 edition of the King of the Hammers featured riders navigating a single loop for the Saturday qualifier, followed by a three-lap Sunday main event. Uncharacteristic Friday rain transformed the conditions into epic terrain instead of the typical high desert dust.

During Saturday’s qualifier, participants faced a challenging rocky vertical ascent, with Cody Webb taking the hole shot, leading a group including Trystan Hart, Ryder Leblond, Will Riorden, Colton Haaker, and Cooper Abbott, setting a brisk pace from the green flag.

As they reached the final hill, the leading riders were Webb, Hart, Leblond, and Riordan. Upon entering the pit, the FactoryONE Sherco team sent Webb back into the race without refueling, providing him with an insurmountable gap.

Cody Webb Secures Victory at the 2024 King of the Motos
Cody Webb Secures Victory at the 2024 King of the Motos (Credits: Motorcycle & Powersports News)

Webb secured the first position, followed by Hart and Leblond. Cooper Abbott finished in the seventh position for the qualifier.

Late afternoon rain on Saturday ensured ideal conditions for the Sunday finale. Gate picks for the finale were based on Saturday’s results, granting Webb a prime pick. Webb strategically chose a spot and secured a second holeshot as riders ascended “Chocolate Thunder.”

Expressing surprise, Webb said, “Honestly, I was a bit surprised. I haven’t hole-shotted the weekend ever. I was pretty stoked about that.” Webb emphasized the three-loop format, stating, “With a three-loop format, I felt like we all knew that we were going to ride together for the first lap or two and then feel it out from there.”

Webb continued to explain their decision not to fuel on the previous day, taking advantage of excellent fuel mileage with the SmartCarb on his bike.

This decision allowed them to skip the final fuel stop, contributing to Webb’s almost one-minute lead for the third and final loop, which, though shorter, presented the most challenges.

At the final fuel stop, Cooper Abbott, in p6, was nearly a minute and a half behind Colton Haaker. A bold move by FactoryONE president Ron Sallman, waiving Abbott to continue without stopping, paid off as he eventually caught up with Haaker.

In the women’s division, Louise Forsley emerged victorious. As the chase helicopter signaled the leader’s approach, tension built in the Sherco pit. A thunderous roar from the crowd greeted Webb as he crested the final hill in the first position, with only the media in tow.

Webb celebrated his win, punching the air with his fist, maintaining a one-minute lead over Trystan Hart and Ryder Leblond. Cooper Abbott finished in the fifth position, with just enough fuel to spare.

Reflecting on the victory, Webb said, “I had goosebumps the last little bit. I was feeling so strong all weekend, and our pit strategy paid off. The conditions were awesome, and I feel like Justin did a great job with the race course this year.

I am honestly just so stoked about this win. Trystan and Ryder were riding so great. We would yoyo back and forth, but today was my day. I am so happy to be back on top.” Webb concluded.

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