Unveiling “The J Day Chronicles”: An Insider’s Journey into Off-Road Racing

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Ethan and the entire J Day Offroad team are elated to unveil the forthcoming release of “The J Day Chronicles,” a captivating documentary series offering an insider’s view of the J Day Off Road series.

This series endeavors to immerse viewers in the electrifying realm of off-road racing, spotlighting the fierce competition on the track and the narratives and encounters of those involved.

The trailer for “The J Day Chronicles” premiered at the MGM Springfield during the annual J Day Awards Banquet, where the overwhelmingly positive reception prompted us to advance its release.

We’re thrilled to present this remarkable series to audiences, granting a close-up and intimate glimpse into the commitment, preparation, and resolve essential for participation in the J Day Off Road series.

“The J Day Chronicles” escorts viewers on a voyage, from the adrenaline rush of racing to the behind-the-scenes glimpses of track construction, the camaraderie among racers, and the obstacles confronted along the journey.

Shot in real-time and across diverse settings, including trackside, camper areas, and dense forests, this series provides an authentic and unfiltered perspective.

Episode 1 of “The J Day Chronicles” is scheduled to debut in April, and we’re eagerly anticipating everyone’s immersion into the adrenaline-fueled passion driving the J Day Off Road series. Stay tuned for further updates, and prepare to embark on this extraordinary off-road odyssey with us!


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