Husqvarna TE500i: Fuel-Injected Build by MX Skill Shack for 2-Stroke Tuesday

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Today’s Two-Stroke Tuesday on Dirt Bike Magazine showcases a distinctive off-road creation crafted by MX Skill Shack, a newly established venture by Charles Lytle of mXrevival and Tony Jeske of Elite Moto Factory.

They present this TE500i customer project as their inaugural endeavor, marking the launch of their educational platform and MX bike giveaways. Here’s an exclusive insight into the project straight from the builders:

The foundation of this fuel-injected 500cc project was laid upon a remarkable 2021 TE300i owned by a customer, already equipped with an array of off-road enhancements that turned heads. Sporting CMT carbon fiber components, a Trail TechPro GPS, and Fastway EXT pegs, among other upgrades, this trail machine was already finely tuned.

However, the owner, Chris Terry, intrigued by previous “500cc mXrevival Giveaway Bike Builds,” envisioned something more. He approached MX Skill Shack with a plan to integrate one of BRC Racing’s 500cc, counter-balanced engines into his TE300i chassis. Eager for the challenge, the team accepted.

Husqvarna TE500i: Fuel-Injected Build by MX Skill Shack for 2-Stroke Tuesday
Husqvarna TE500i: Fuel-Injected Build by MX Skill Shack for 2-Stroke Tuesday (Credits: Dirt Bike Magazine)

To complete the transformation, the bike underwent a blacked-out Cerakote treatment at Fast Blast & Coat in Boise, Idaho, adding a stealthy aesthetic touch.

The heart of the project was sourced from Riley Will at BRC Racing, providing a robust 500cc engine package loaded with cutting-edge two-stroke technology, including electric start, counter-balancer, exhaust valve, and in some models, dual-map ignition, along with a complete exhaust system.

The engine boasted fuel injection, seamlessly integrating with the existing TPI system of the TE300i.

To enhance performance further, Adam Millar from Millar Race Engineering contributed a modified Wiesco piston, adding an extra kick to the already potent machine.

The build process involved transferring the transmission from the donor bike into the new BRC cases, along with the billet crank, chosen piston, and other components supplied by BRC. Yet, the customization didn’t stop there.

Dave Hanson of Rocket Exhaust provided a bespoke black anodized and carbon fiber-equipped silencer, while Rekluse Motorsports supplied their EXP 4.0 auto clutch system and an innovative rear handbrake system, showcasing cutting-edge engineering.

DeCal Works & MX Plastics provided a fresh set of plastic, a custom seat cover, and their “Heritage” series graphics, perfectly complementing the bike’s aesthetics.

Despite the challenge of matching Chris’ existing fluorescent yellow powder-coated spokes, DeCal Works managed to find a close match with their Toxic Neon Green color, enhancing the bike’s visual appeal.

Completing the package, the HYGGE handmade conpipe, coated with a high-temp ceramic clear coat by Steve at HYGGE, added both style and durability.

With its comprehensive enhancements, the TE500i is primed for the rigorous Dirt Bike Magazine torture test. Stay tuned for an upcoming article in the magazine, as well as exclusive content on their YouTube and Instagram pages for behind-the-scenes insights.


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