Kyoto: Honda CBX1000 Restomod by Unik Motorcycles

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Kyoto Honda CBX1000 Restomod by Unik Motorcycles

Tiago Goncalves and Luis Costa, operating under the banner of Unik Motorcycles in Lisbon, Portugal, are distinguished for their comprehensive custom builds. While primarily known for their bespoke creations, they occasionally undertake restomod projects, such as the one showcased today.

Named Kyoto, the motorcycle presented below is an exquisite blend of neo-retro aesthetics, historical significance, and the exhilaration of a six-cylinder engine. Maintaining a striking resemblance to its factory form, Kyoto is unmistakably rooted in the early eighties Honda CBX1000 lineage.

Specifically, it originates from a 1982 touring model, meticulously refined and modernized while preserving the iconic angular bodywork. The client, drawn to the CBX’s formidable inline-six powerplant and its euphonic exhaust note, sought to infuse a touch of custom flair without obscuring the bike’s essence.

The transformation, conceived as a restomod, aimed to enhance both aesthetics and performance. While retaining its unmistakable CBX identity, Unik’s craftsmen, Tiago and Luis, embarked on a journey of refinement and enhancement.

Kyoto Honda CBX1000 Restomod by Unik Motorcycles

Delving into the modifications, the motorcycle’s iconic front fairing underwent meticulous trimming to reduce visual bulk, complemented by the installation of a tinted windshield and a luminous aftermarket LED headlamp.

Noteworthy upgrades included the adoption of inverted forks from a 1994 Kawasaki ZX-9R, accompanied by Nissin front and rear brake calipers, all coupled with drilled rotors for enhanced stopping power.

The rear profile received attention as well, with Unik shortening the subframe and refining the tail section for a sleeker appearance. A sportier ambiance was achieved by downsizing and modernizing the stock taillight, paired with a compact license plate holder and discreet LED turn signals.

The revamped aesthetic was further elevated by a two-up saddle, meticulously wrapped in supple brown leather, harmonizing seamlessly with the fuel tank and tail contours.

Innovative alterations extended beyond cosmetic enhancements, encompassing a substantial overhaul of the cockpit. The stock instrumentation was replaced with a state-of-the-art digital Motoscope Pro dial from Motogadget, complemented by clip-on handlebars featuring Rebel Moto switchgear and glassless bar-end mirrors.

Electrical refinement was achieved through the integration of a Motogadget controller, meticulously concealing unsightly wiring for a clean and streamlined appearance. Beneath the surface, the CBX’s venerable inline-six powerplant underwent a thorough refurbishment, complemented by retuned carburetors topped with K&N air filters.

On the exhaust front, a sleek six-into-one setup from Delkevic was integrated, terminating in a cylindrical muffler for a distinctive auditory signature. The gearbox received a comprehensive rebuild, now benefiting from shorter gear ratios for enhanced performance dynamics.

Externally, the motorcycle exudes an air of sophistication, draped in a glossy dark green hue inspired by Ferrari’s iconic color palette, specifically the Verde Pino Metallizato shade adorning a 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso.

This captivating finish, embellished with silver accents and gold pinstripes, accentuates the retro-modern fusion, underscored by retro Honda logos adorning the fuel tank.

With meticulous attention to detail and a reverence for its storied heritage, Kyoto emerges as a captivating testament to Unik Motorcycles’ unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and innovation.

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