Daniel Suárez’s memorable win in Atlanta is just the beginning of his journey to even bigger achievements.

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Daniel Suárez’s iconic Atlanta win “only the beginning”

Sunday’s victory marked only the second win of Daniel Suárez’s career, yet it stands as a remarkable achievement. Clinching victory with a last-lap pass in a three-wide photo finish, the Mexican driver secured a momentous win, etching his name in NASCAR lore.

While this triumph signifies a significant milestone in Suárez’s racing journey, his hunger for success remains insatiable.

Reflecting on his victory, Suárez emphasized that his ultimate aim extends beyond a solitary race win. “My goal is not to win one race,” he asserted. “I want to head into the playoffs with at least a handful – with a few wins to be able to contend for a championship.”

This relentless pursuit of excellence has been a driving force behind Suárez’s career trajectory. Hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, Suárez made his foray into NASCAR competition in 2009, subsequently becoming the first Mexican-born driver to triumph in a NASCAR national series race in 2016.

Daniel Suárez
Daniel Suárez (Credits: Frontstretch)

His ascent seemed assured, buoyed by early successes within NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity program and culminating in clinching the 2016 Xfinity championship with Joe Gibbs Racing.

However, Suárez’s transition to the Cup Series proved to be a challenging endeavor, marked by fleeting moments of promise amid bouts of inconsistency. It wasn’t until he joined Trackhouse Racing in 2021 that Suárez found a platform for sustained success.

Despite encountering setbacks, including a failure to qualify for the playoffs in the previous season, Suárez remained resolute in his pursuit of greatness.

Central to Suárez’s resurgence was the offseason acquisition of a new crew chief, Matt Swiderski, whose expertise injected fresh vigor into the No. 99 Chevrolet team.

Despite an early setback at the season-opening Daytona 500, Suárez and his team demonstrated resilience, overcoming adversity to position themselves for victory at Atlanta.

Acknowledging the progress made, Suárez remains steadfast in his commitment to continuous improvement. “I feel that right now we are slowly making steps in the direction of where I want to be, where I want to go with this race team,” he remarked. “We know that there are a few things that we could have done a little bit better (Sunday). We’ll learn from that, and we’ll continue to build.”

Suárez’s unwavering dedication underscores his aspirations for the future. While basking in the glory of victory, he remains focused on the larger objective – securing multiple wins to bolster his championship contention.

For Suárez, the journey toward greatness is far from over, and with the unwavering support of Trackhouse Racing, he is determined to carve his place in NASCAR history.


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