Jake Drummond’s Custom Motorcycles: Masterful Fabrication

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Jake Drummond's Custom Motorcycles: Masterful Fabrication

Jake Drummond has been passionate about customizing motorcycles and metalworking since he was eighteen years old. He has an exceptional natural knack for these crafts.

Jake has always had a fondness for two-wheeled vehicles, even if he is still young. At the age of six, he started riding dirt bikes and soon started competing in races.

Operating from his workshop in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, located within his father’s hangar, Jake’s venture into customization culminated in the transformation of a 1973 Hillman Hunter, a project undertaken by SAKAZ Customs based in Bundamba, Queensland, Australia.

Jake Drummond's Custom Motorcycles: Masterful Fabrication

Imported from the UK to Australia by Chrysler Australia Ltd., the Hillman Hunter boasted respectable four-cylinder engines typical of its era. However, SAKAZ Customs decided to elevate its performance by installing a Honda K24 engine, a popular choice known for its versatility and power.

With the K24 engine snugly fitted, SAKAZ Customs augmented the Hunter with a single Aeroflow turbocharger, larger fuel injectors, and an Elite 2500 ECU from Haltech. Tuned to run on E85 fuel by FAH Performance, the engine now delivers an impressive 404 horsepower to the wheels.

To harness this newfound power, a BMW five-speed manual transmission was chosen to replace the stock unit, paired with a BorgWarner nine-bolt rear end for enhanced traction.

Despite these substantial mechanical upgrades, Hunter’s exterior maintains a subtle appearance, featuring a baby blue paint job, period-correct hubcaps, and a blue vinyl interior.

In essence, SAKAZ Customs has created a formidable sleeper, blending classic aesthetics with modern performance enhancements, making it a standout project in the Australian custom car scene.


By Jayson O'Neil

Jayson is a car-o-holic, and you will often find him writing about cars & bikes here at DaxStreet. You can reach out to him at [email protected]

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