Harley-Davidson Introduces New Limited-Edition Models Evoking Nostalgia

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Harley-Davidson Introduces New Limited-Edition Models Evoking Nostalgia
Hydra-Glide Revival

Harley-Davidson unveils two new lines of special edition motorcycles, each with its unique theme. One line pays homage to the brand’s rich history, while the other draws inspiration from musical instruments.

First up is the Hydra-Glide Revival, the latest addition to the Icons Motorcycle Collection, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Hydra-Glide front suspension design. This model, inspired by Harley-Davidson’s bike-related history, harks back to the mid-1950s with design cues reminiscent of motorcycles from 1954 to 1956.

Adorned in red and white paint with vintage instrument graphics, it boasts chrome badging, wheels, and air cleaner.

The solo seat features fringed leather, white piping, and red stitching, complemented by matching locking saddlebags and a two-tone removable windshield. Limited to just 1,750 units, this special edition model is distinguished by exclusive badging atop the handlebar risers.

Harley-Davidson Introduces New Limited-Edition Models Evoking Nostalgia
Tobacco Fade Motorcycle

Now, let’s delve into the other special edition, encompassing three distinct models under the name of the Tobacco Fade Motorcycle Enthusiast Collection. While the name may not be the most dazzling, it aptly describes the unique features of these bikes.

Sporting a faded paint scheme reminiscent of guitars and drums, the bikes exhibit faded sections on various panels, accentuated by matching pinstripes.

Emphasizing the music theme further, each bike features a fuel tank medallion designed like a music record and a graphic on the front fender inspired by a guitar pick. This special edition is available on the Low Rider ST, Ultra Limited, and Tri Glide Ultra models, with 2,000 units of each set to be produced.

Although pricing and availability details are yet to be disclosed, enthusiasts can catch a glimpse of these bikes at Daytona Bike Week from March 2 to March 9.

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