Cyanos: Sureshot’s Award-Winning Harley Bobber at Mooneyes

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Cyanos Sureshot's Award-Winning Harley Bobber at Mooneyes

The Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show, an annual event hosted by Mooneyes, serves as a showcase for Japan’s most esteemed custom bike builders. Among them is Takuya Aikawa, operating under the banner of Sureshot with a team of skilled craftsmen in Chiba, near Tokyo.

At their workshop, Aikawa and his team have garnered acclaim for their modifications of American V-twin motorcycles, with a particular affinity for Harley-Davidson models. One of their standout creations is the Cyanos, a bobber based on a 1968 Harley FL, which clinched the Best Motorcycle American award at the 2023 Mooneyes event.

The project commenced with the client’s request for a hardtail design and an electric starter, eschewing the traditional suicide shifter. Sureshot’s artisans embarked on a comprehensive overhaul, retaining only the V-twin engine while fabricating a new frame and incorporating unconventional Auto Race motorcycle forks at the front.

In addition to bespoke chassis components, Cyanos features custom lenticular wheels, a rebuilt Shovelhead engine with premium internals, and a repositioned gearbox for improved mass distribution.

The motorcycle’s aesthetic transformation is equally remarkable, with handcrafted aluminum bodywork, minimalist cockpit instrumentation, and artisanal leather upholstery.

Collaborations with local artisans further enhance Cyanos’ allure with custom paintwork by Rods Design, intricate detailing by Rio Studio, and expert upholstery by Manabu Yamaguchi Art Craft.

The culmination of meticulous craftsmanship and creative ingenuity, Cyanos exemplifies Sureshot’s mastery and innovation in the custom motorcycle realm.

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