Paul Berger’s Triumph Speed Twin Bobber: A Timeless Collaboration

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Australia boasts numerous lesser-known custom bike builders worth exploring, distinct from its prominent firms. Among them is Paul Berger, whose passion for motorcycles stems from his upbringing spent tinkering with bikes alongside his brothers.

Paul’s affinity for vintage British motorcycles, instilled by his father, led to a remarkable collaboration. Together, they embarked on an ambitious custom project, transforming a 1949 Triumph Speed Twin into a stunning bobber over several years.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this motorcycle holds deep sentimental value for the father-son duo. Motivated by a desire to help his father cope with loss, Paul initiated the custom build, tapping into their shared passion for modded two-wheelers.

Their vision materialized with painstaking attention to detail, from refurbishing the powertrain to intricate frame modifications. The result is a sleek hardtail bobber featuring a unique girder setup, bespoke fuel tank, and meticulously crafted bodywork.

The collaboration extended to sourcing components from renowned manufacturers like KustomTech and Biltwell, culminating in a masterpiece that seamlessly blends vintage charm with modern craftsmanship.

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