AJP SPR 240: The Next-Level Trail Bike

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In clandestine workshops across the globe, enthusiasts pour their time and resources into enhancing traditional four-stroke trail bikes, often for the purpose of racing.

AJP presents an alternative, transcending the limitations of budget trail bikes by integrating a premium Portuguese chassis with a reliable Chinese 233cc SOHC engine. This innovative solution yields a lighter, more agile, and better-equipped option than conventional trail bikes.

The SPR 240 Extreme model boasts features such as Galfer rotors, Brembo brakes, metallic red hubs with black rims, Michelin tires, electric start (without kickstart backup), a tapered handlebar, and top-quality controls.

Designed to cater to budget-conscious trail riders, the AJP 240 offers a super quiet ride and a low seat height, all adorned with high-end components.

Distinctive characteristics include a unique chassis with a gas tank housing both fuel and a Twinkie-shaped air filter mounted onto the frame’s backbone.

AJP SPR 240 (Credits: AJP Motos)

The frame, a hybrid of cast-aluminum swingarm and spars with steel components in critical areas, incorporates a small battery and a large oil cooler within the shrouds. Standard features also include lights and quality aluminum footpegs with replaceable teeth.

The SPR 240 Extreme model, tagged as the X model, is equipped with Sachs suspension featuring a fully adjustable reservoir rear shock and sealed cartridge 48 fork handle damping. Noteworthy is the side stand’s auto-up feature, preventing accidental riding with the stand down.

Control and handling are exceptional, with crisp shifting and a responsive throttle. Premium Michelin enduro tires ensure optimal traction on various terrains. Starting the bike is effortless, facilitated by a user-friendly choke lever, while the clutch action is smooth with good engagement.

Despite its powerful performance, the AJP 240 maintains minimal vibration and delivers consistent power delivery throughout the RPM range.

AJP SPR 240 (Credits: Dirt Bikes)

To mitigate noise levels, the bike is equipped with a compact, sleek exhaust system designed to maintain a low seat height while providing ample suspension travel. Despite its compact design, the exhaust’s proximity to the subframe fuel tank warrants caution.

The AJP 240 offers a stable and responsive ride, suitable for both high-speed trails and tight maneuvers. While a base model is available with slightly fewer features, the upgraded Extreme “X” model with Brembo brakes and Sachs suspension justifies its higher price point.

Ideal for shorter and lighter riders, the AJP 240 represents the pinnacle of trail bike innovation, delivering exceptional performance and handling. With a price of $5999, it stands as a testament to AJP’s commitment to quality and innovation in the off-road motorcycle market.


By Jayson O'Neil

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