Purpose Built Moto’s Yamaha XT500 Transformation: Vintage MX Scrambler

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Purpose Built Moto's Yamaha XT500 Transformation Vintage MX Scrambler
Purpose Built Moto's Yamaha XT500 Transformation Vintage MX Scrambler

While some workshops specialize and stick to a particular niche, Purpose Built Moto (PBM) of Gold Coast, Australia, thrives on diversity. Their portfolio boasts a myriad of custom projects, ranging from sleek choppers to rugged scramblers and everything in between. Regardless of the project, Tom Gilroy and his team consistently deliver exceptional craftsmanship.

Given our previous coverage of their work, frequent readers know what to expect from this talented crew. Therefore, without unnecessary preamble, let’s get into their latest custom masterpiece pictured above: a Yamaha XT500 infused with vintage motocross styling, recently revealed on the official PBM website.

Commissioned by a returning client named Phil, the proud owner of the Gravel Gorilla a remarkable Harley-Davidson Fat Bob street tracker. goal was to create a capable, classic MX-inspired scrambler.

Purpose Built Moto's Yamaha XT500 Transformation Vintage MX Scrambler
Purpose Built Moto’s Yamaha XT500 Transformation Vintage MX Scrambler (Credit: Yamaha)

Before realizing this vision, PBM had to restore the aged Yamaha to roadworthy condition, given its evident wear and tear. The specialists commenced with a comprehensive powertrain overhaul, enhancing the motorcycle’s single-cylinder engine with various internal upgrades.

These enhancements included larger valves, high-compression pistons, an aftermarket camshaft, and a modern clutch replacement. Additionally, the cylinder head underwent porting and polishing, while the engine’s exterior received meticulous cleaning and polishing. The result is not only improved performance but also a visually striking engine bay.

On the intake side, a Mikuni flat-slide carb equipped with a DNA air filter enhances performance. The custom exhaust system, featuring a stainless-steel header with an FMF PowerBomb module, further amplifies the bike’s appeal. The exhaust culminates in a premium Staintune silencer, delivering both style and functionality.

In terms of suspension, PBM spared no expense, outfitting the XT500 with inverted WP forks sourced from a KTM 250 SX at the front. Complementing these are adjustable YSS shock absorbers at the rear, optimized for ideal ride height and performance. The front wheel hub and Brembo brake from the KTM, along with Excel aluminum rims, complete the setup, ensuring optimal grip both on and off-road.

As for aesthetics, the scrambler features a blend of stock, custom, and off-the-shelf components. While retaining the factory side covers, the gas tank was replaced with an aftermarket alternative due to corrosion. Notable features include a high-mounted aluminum fender, a sleek headlight shroud housing a 4.5-inch LED headlamp, and handmade lower fork guards.

The rear end boasts a custom seat fabricated by Timeless Auto Trim, adorned with gripper fabric reminiscent of dirt bike saddles. A bespoke alloy fender with multi-function LEDs and a compact license plate bracket adds a touch of flair. Concealed within the side covers is a tailor-made electronics box, seamlessly integrated into the design.

The cockpit underwent a significant transformation, featuring a Renthal handlebar equipped with billet aluminum switches and underslung mirrors. Additionally, a digital dial wired to PBM’s proprietary Black Box controller enhances functionality and aesthetics.

Finally, the striking red, black, and white paint scheme, conceived by Purpose Built Moto and executed by Justin Holmes at PopBang Classics, raises the scrambler’s visual appeal. Polished accents add a touch of sophistication, resulting in a truly appealing custom build that exceeded Phil’s expectations.


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