Mighty Motorcycles’ Custom Triumph Speed Triple Revival

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Mighty Motorcycles' Custom Triumph Speed Triple Revival
Mighty Motorcycles' Custom Triumph Speed Triple Revival

With facilities in Germany and Croatia, Mighty Motorcycles is quickly making a name for itself in the motorcycle industry, living up to its dynamic name. Founded by Josip Bucic, whose passion for custom motorcycles spans over two decades, the firm traces its origins to a personal project conceived during his spare moments.

The motorcycle under scrutiny today was recently finalized by the Mighty Motorcycles team after a decade-long hiatus from its inception. Commissioned by Josip’s close friend in Germany, the project commenced with a 2005 Triumph Speed Triple as its foundation.

At the heart of the Speed Triple lies a fuel-injected 1,050cc triple engine, boasting four valves per cylinder and a compression ratio of 12:1. Generating up to 128 horsepower and 78 pound-feet of torque, this inline-three powerplant propels the motorcycle with zest, achieving an 11-second quarter-mile time and a top speed of 150 mph.

Mighty Motorcycles' Custom Triumph Speed Triple Revival
Mighty Motorcycles’ Custom Triumph Speed Triple Revival (Credit: Mighty Motorcycles)

Augmenting the motorcycle’s performance are robust brakes and adjustable suspension components, ensuring an exhilarating riding experience. Resuming work on the build approximately a year ago, Josip focused primarily on refining its aesthetic aspects.

The OEM seat and tail unit were replaced, while the fuel tank and front fender retained their original form. Departing from the donor’s twin-headlight setup, a stylish cafe-style fairing now graces the motorcycle’s front, complemented by an offset LED projector.

Crafting a custom mounting system for the fairing, Josip achieved a seamless integration that enhances the motorcycle’s aesthetics. At the rear, a bespoke cafe racer tail, meticulously fashioned from fiberglass, commands attention, underscored by dual LED taillights and sleek aftermarket turn signals.

A highlight of the motorcycle’s exterior is the one-of-a-kind saddle, featuring black Alcantara upholstery adorned with diamond pattern stitching. Complementing its updated attire is a custom belly pan, adorned with brand stickers, further elevating its visual appeal.

Finished in a matte-black base with vibrant stripes, the motorcycle exudes a fascinating presence reminiscent of its vintage inspiration. It’s meticulous restoration, and contemporary enhancements pay homage to the iconic motorcycling heritage while setting new standards for bespoke customization.


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