2024 Yamaha YZ125 Review: Classic Design with Updated Features

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Dirt Bike Magazine recently conducted a rigorous test of the 2024 Yamaha YZ125 two-stroke model at the renowned Cahuilla Creek Motocross Park, nestled in the scenic landscape of Southern California. Yamaha had meticulously nurtured the previous iteration of the YZ125 motor for over two decades until finally bestowing it with an update in 2022.

However, even with this update, the alterations were notably conservative, leaving the bike largely reminiscent of its longstanding design. Sporting a mechanical powervalve, a Keihin carburetor, and a traditional kickstarter, the YZ125 continues to exude its classic charm.

Despite the subtle changes in the engine department, Yamaha focused its efforts on enhancing the bike’s overall ergonomics and rider interface. The 2024 model boasts a refined seat/tank junction, offering a smoother transition for the rider. Additionally, the ergonomics have been thoughtfully spread out, providing a more comfortable and accommodating riding experience. Notably, the seat height has been increased, catering to a broader range of riders and preferences.

The updates extend beyond mere aesthetics, with attention paid to the bike’s suspension components. While the KYB suspension system has seen improvements, it retains the familiar characteristics found in Yamaha’s other motocross offerings. Featuring steel coil springs within the closed-cartridge Speed Sensitive System fork, the YZ125 delivers a balanced and responsive performance, ideal for tackling various terrain with confidence.

Presented in the striking guise of the 50th Anniversary Edition, the showcased model at Cahuilla Creek Motocross Park stands as a testament to Yamaha’s legacy in the motocross realm.

Distinguished solely by its cosmetic enhancements, this commemorative edition retains the performance and reliability synonymous with the standard model. With a base price of $7099, enthusiasts can opt for the 50th Anniversary livery for an additional $200, indulging in a timeless celebration of Yamaha’s enduring presence in the motocross landscape.

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