Battery Bath Time! Does My E-Bike Battery Survive a Dunk Test?

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The Veloctric Discover 2 (Credits: Velotric)

My job is all about e-bikes! I try out more than anyone online (or so I hear!). Normally, that means riding them around and seeing how they work. This time, though, things got a little…wetter.

I decided to do a crazy experiment with the battery from a new e-bike, the Velotric Discover 2. Let’s just say it involved a bathtub and a whole lot of water – Now, don’t worry, it wasn’t just for fun (although, that would be a pretty fun experiment too). I did it all in the name of science.

Coswheel's CT20 & CT20S Retro E-Bikes for Modern Commuters
Coswheel’s CT20 & CT20S Retro E-Bikes for Modern Commuters (Credits: Coswheel)

E-bikes are becoming more popular, but are their batteries truly waterproof?

This question became especially important with recent news about battery safety. While most people wouldn’t take their e-bike underwater, water damage can still be a risk and lead to fires. This time, instead of my usual test rides, I decided to put the battery from a new e-bike, the Velotric Discover 2, to the ultimate test: a dunk in a bathtub.

The cool thing about this e-bike is that both the bike itself (IPX6) and the battery (IPX7) have impressive waterproof ratings. This means the battery can technically survive being submerged in up to one meter of water.

To see if the IPX7 rating held true, I took the plunge (well, the battery did) and dunked it in a tub of water. Stay tuned to find out what happened!

The Veloctric Discover 2 (Credits: Velotric)

Now, before you picture me causing a scene at the local pool, here’s the plan change: To avoid any trouble with the neighborhood association (HOA), I decided to recreate the pool setting in my bathtub. Sure, it might not have had the exact mix of…well, let’s just say “extras” you might find in a public pool, but hey, science (or maybe art?) is rarely perfect!

So, there I stood, holding the Velotric Discover 2 battery like Simba on Pride Rock (with a much more worried expression, I imagine). Taking a deep breath, I sent the battery on its aquatic adventure.

In slow motion (at least in my head), the battery plummeted towards the water, making a dramatic splash as it hit the bottom of the tub. Looking back, a gentle placement might have been smarter. That epic drop from head height resulted in an even more epic wham as it hit the bottom…with a little too much force.

So, the battery went for a swim! Even though it has an IPX7 rating, which means it should survive being underwater, that rating probably doesn’t include dramatic falls from head height. Maybe a gentler dunk next time…

A person detaching the battery from his e-bike (Credits: Electric Bike Report)

With some trepidation, I fished the battery out of the water. Water was dripping from the electrical connectors and charging port – not a good sign! I quickly dried it off as best I could and put it back in the e-bike. Heart pounding, I pressed the power button. For a glorious second, the display lit up, showing the brand name “VELOTRIC.” Then…darkness. The display died completely. Looks like the dramatic dive might have done the battery in after all.

After a few nervous moments, the battery seemed to recover. Enough water must have drained from the connectors during my fishing-it-out attempts. Whatever electrical glitch caused the initial display failure cleared up.

With a push of the throttle, the bike roared back to life! The rear wheel whirred to speed like a happy golden retriever emerging from the pool with its prized tennis ball. Just 10 seconds after its watery adventure, the battery was powering the e-bike and propelling me forward at 20 mph!

It did exactly what it was designed for. Even though this is a win for waterproof technology, I have to admit I was surprised. Dunking an e-bike battery in water feels a bit risky, like cuddling a hot iron in the bathtub.

As concerns about battery safety grow, advancements like this are crucial for the future of e-bikes. More waterproof and reliable batteries will make e-bikes safer and more enjoyable for everyone.


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