MotoGP Aims to Seize American Hearts, Following F1’s Path

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MotoGP Aims to Seize American Hearts, Following F1's Path
Marc Marquez (Credits: MotoGP)

MotoGP, a popular motorcycle racing series often compared to Formula 1, is aiming to attract more American fans, just like F1 did in recent years. The sport is making some changes to appeal to a wider audience, especially in the U.S.

The president of the Circuit of the Americas in Texas, Bobby Epstein, believes MotoGP has what American sports fans desire: a mix of physical skill and danger.

Recently, Liberty Media, the company that owns Formula 1, purchased Dorna, the company that runs MotoGP, sparking speculation about the series’ future. Francesco Bagnaia, a two-time MotoGP champion, thinks this could be a big opportunity for MotoGP.

Liberty Media’s success with Formula 1 includes adding new races and creating the popular Netflix show “Drive to Survive.” Although specific plans for MotoGP haven’t been revealed yet, the company’s CEO, Greg Maffei, sees potential for the series to grow globally.

One key move for attracting American fans is the entry of Trackhouse Racing into MotoGP, backed by NASCAR connections. TNT Sports now broadcasts every sprint race and grand prix in the U.S.

MotoGP Aims to Seize American Hearts, Following F1's Path
MotoGP Race (Credits: MotoGP)

Justin Marks, co-owner of Trackhouse Racing, believes MotoGP has the potential to attract American racing fans with its high-speed action and short races.

Trackhouse Racing is actively promoting MotoGP to its NASCAR fans. They’ve even had NASCAR drivers visit MotoGP events and vice versa.

However, American fans might be looking for an American rider, but currently, there isn’t one competing at the top level of MotoGP.

Despite this, there’s hope that more American talent will emerge with initiatives like Trackhouse Racing’s involvement in the sport.

Although there might not be immediate changes following Liberty’s acquisition of Dorna, MotoGP is already expanding and considering new markets.

While some fans welcome the idea of more MotoGP races in the U.S., they also want the series to remain affordable and accessible to everyone.


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