Marquez Declares Ducati MotoGP Bike Adaptation ‘Complete’

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Marquez Declares Ducati MotoGP Bike Adaptation 'Complete'
Marc Marquez (credits: MotoGP)

Eight-time champion Marc Marquez had a solid performance on Friday at the Spanish Grand Prix. He finished third overall, following up on a second-place finish in the morning session.

Despite being consistently fast this season, Marquez hasn’t had the same success on Sundays, missing out on podium finishes in the main races.

After Friday’s practice at Jerez, Marquez shared that he believes he’s done adapting to the Ducati bike. He feels fully comfortable riding it now. He said, “The good thing is that we can stop talking about adaptation. The adaptation is already finished.” Now, he’s focusing on refining the finer details.

Marquez expressed his feeling of being “inside the bike,” showing confidence in his performance. However, he acknowledged that there are still some challenges to overcome. He mentioned, “every race we have small problems or something here, something there.” He hopes to put everything together for a podium finish soon.

Marquez Declares Ducati MotoGP Bike Adaptation 'Complete'
Marc Marquez (credits: MotoGP)

Regarding his riding style, Marquez admitted that it’s naturally suited for the Honda bike. While he’s made adjustments for the Ducati, completely changing his style is “impossible.”

Reflecting on his recent race in the Americas Grand Prix, Marquez mentioned a front brake issue that caused him to crash and retire from the race. At Jerez, his team made changes to address this issue, including switching back to the brake lever he used throughout his career.

While these changes improved the situation, Marquez acknowledged that the problem isn’t fully solved yet. He explained that the warm track conditions could exacerbate the issue, so they need to keep working on it.


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