Kymco Electric Motorcycles: LiveWire Partnership Could Spark New Ride

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The LiveWire S2 Del Mars (Credits:

Forget what you know about electric motorcycles! The newest and coolest electric bikes are coming from unexpected places. Big companies like Kawasaki are taking things slow with electric motorcycles, even though they’ve launched a couple of models (EV Z and Ninja).

Meanwhile, younger companies are jumping right in and investing heavily in creating new electric motorcycle designs. Kymco, a brand known mostly for scooters just a decade ago, is a great example. They’ve been making big waves in the electric space lately, and their hottest project is an upcoming electric motorcycle based on the LiveWire S2.

The Kymco’s LiveWire S2 (Credits:

Here’s the interesting part: Kymco’s electric motorcycles will likely be smaller and more affordable than the LiveWire S2. This is because LiveWire mentioned using a scaled-down version of their platform for “lightweight two-wheelers” back in 2021.

So, if you’re looking for a more practical and potentially cheaper electric motorcycle, keep an eye out for news from LiveWire and Kymco. Electric motorcycles might not be for everyone, but they’re a growing trend and could be the future of two-wheeled transportation.


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