Earth Motorcycles’ Fujara: Neo-Retro Yamaha XV920 Custom

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Earth Motorcycles' Fujara
Earth Motorcycles' Fujara

Situated in the picturesque town of Stara Tura, Earth Motorcycles is a hidden gem among custom bike workshops. Run by Vlado Dinga and Ales Tomis, Earth Motorcycles has gained recognition for its impressive builds, characterized by neo-retro styling and unique designs.

Their latest creation, named Fujara, draws inspiration from vintage bobbers and showcases the team’s creativity and craftsmanship. Built on a Yamaha XV920 Virago platform, Fujara is a testament to Vlado and Ales’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of custom motorcycle design.

The project began with a complete teardown of the XV920, allowing the team to reimagine its aesthetics and functionality. Collaborating with industrial designer Konstantin Laskov, they developed a sleek monocoque bodywork concept, which was brought to life through meticulous fabrication and craftsmanship.

Earth Motorcycles' Fujara
Earth Motorcycles’ Fujara (Credit: Marian Svitek)

The rear section features a custom subframe and minimalist seat pad, enhancing Fujara’s clean and streamlined silhouette. Handmade rearsets and integrated LED lights demonstrate the team’s attention to detail and commitment to quality.

At the front, the original forks were shortened for a more aggressive stance, while CNC-machined components and premium accessories add a touch of sophistication. The cockpit boasts clip-on handlebars, Motogadget instrumentation, and bespoke controls, creating a cohesive and ergonomic riding experience.

Powered by a reworked V-twin engine, Fujara delivers both style and performance on the road. Custom exhausts and intake components complement the bike’s design, while a unique paint scheme reflects its individuality and character.

From concept to completion, Earth Motorcycles has once again raised the bar for custom bike builders, showcasing their passion for innovation and craftsmanship. With Fujara, they have created a timeless masterpiece that pays homage to the rich heritage of motorcycle customization.


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