Kraftrad Noeda’s BMW K100 Cafe Racer: Vintage Aircraft Inspired

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Kraftrad Noeda's BMW K100 Cafe Racer
Kraftrad Noeda's BMW K100 Cafe Racer

Custom motorcycles inspired by military aircraft have been a recurring theme over the years, and it’s easy to see why. Riding a motorcycle often evokes a sense of freedom akin to flying, making the association between the two quite natural. Additionally, incorporating design elements from vintage airplanes into custom motorcycles creates a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

The unique custom bike showcased above serves as a testament to this idea, originating from the lesser-known workshop known as Kraftrad Noeda. Led by Martin Tzscheuschner, who boasts over two decades of experience in motorcycle tinkering, the team at Kraftrad specializes in crafting bespoke customs. While they excel in repairs and maintenance, it’s their fully customized builds that truly capture attention.

Though not their most recent project, this particular build deserves closer examination. It began with a BMW K 100 RS, stripped down to its essentials, leaving only the fuel tank intact. Martin and his team then set to work creating a new subframe to transform the old Beemer into a sleek cafe racer.

Kraftrad Noeda's BMW K100 Cafe Racer
Kraftrad Noeda’s BMW K100 Cafe Racer (Credit: Kraftrad Noeda)

They crafted a unique seat pan and tail section to house the refurbished electronics, including a circular LED taillight. The motorcycle features a distinct solo saddle and an intriguing fairing with a small yellow-tinted windshield. The front fender, though small, adds to the whole design, complemented by custom-made brackets.

Inside the cockpit, the aircraft theme is further emphasized with a custom-built dashboard reminiscent of a fighter jet’s cockpit. Analog gauges, switches, and warning lights adorn the dashboard, while a digital Motogadget speedometer adds a modern touch. The handlebar, slightly angled downward, creates a sleek appearance reminiscent of clip-ons.

The custom four-into-one exhaust system seamlessly integrates with the whole design, terminating near the engine’s front section. The bike’s livery features a silver base with yellow highlights, while khaki green accents on the wheels and frame add a unique flair. The attention to detail, both in design and execution, is evident throughout the build.


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