Introducing Husqvarna’s 2025 Motocross Lineup: New Power, Performance, and Precision!

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Husqvarna Motorcycles has revealed its upgraded 2025 Motocross range, comprising seven models, with the notable introduction of two new 2-stroke bikes: the TC 150 and TC 300. These additions showcase various technical enhancements, including revamped frames, engine mounts, bodywork, and suspension settings, all geared toward enhancing the overall riding performance.

The TC 150, based on the TC 125, fills the gap between the TC 125 and TC 250, offering improved overall power and torque. Designed for racers seeking an edge against 250 cc 4-strokes, it features race-tested components and confidence-inspiring handling, strengthening Husqvarna’s 2-stroke offerings.

Similarly, the TC 300, built upon the TC 250’s foundations, delivers exceptional torque and peak performance, allowing it to compete with 450 cc 4-strokes. It sets a new benchmark for motocross machinery with its blend of power and rideability within a lightweight build.

The FC 250, FC 350, and FC 450 continue to feature state-of-the-art engines designed for lightweight construction and superior handling. These flagship 4-stroke models incorporate the latest technology and electronic rider aids for enhanced on-track performance.

Husqvarna's 2025
Husqvarna reveals upgraded 2025 Motocross range with two new 2-strokes.

Chassis enhancements across all seven models include revisions to enhance flex characteristics, reduce weight, and improve cornering without compromising stability. New engine mounts exclusive to the 4-stroke models aid agility, while additional revisions improve suspension, linkage, and seat ergonomics.

Premium aftermarket components, including Dunlop MX34 tires, ProTaper handlebars, ODI grips, and Brembo clutch and brake systems, ensure best-in-class rideability. Technical highlights encompass throttle body fuel injection for 2-stroke engines, multifunctional Map Select Switch on 4-strokes, and advanced subframe construction for rigidity and durability.

Complementing the new lineup is a range of Technical Accessories, with the Connectivity Unit Offroad being the standout component. Paired with the Ride Husqvarna Motorcycles app, riders can customize engine maps and suspension setups for various racing conditions. Additionally, the Apparel collection offers comfort, Swedish-inspired styling, and safety for all riders.

The 2025 motocross range will be available at authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles dealers worldwide, with availability varying by country. For pricing and availability details, customers are encouraged to contact their national Husqvarna Motorcycles subsidiary or importer.

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