Electrifying the Off-Road: KC Powersports’ Journey with the Surron Storm Bee

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Surron Storm Bee
Surron Storm Bee

Gas-powered motorcycles have long dominated off-road endurance racing, but the emergence of electric bike technology suggests a potential shift in the near future. Kade and his team at KC Powersports in San Juan Capistrano, California, embarked on a mission to demonstrate this possibility at the 3 Bros Racing 24-Hour Endurance Race held at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, California.

The Storm Bee by Surron, initially designed as a trail bike rather than a racing machine, became the focus of KC Powersports’ endeavor. Despite its intended purpose, the Storm Bee shared resemblances with traditional gas-powered off-road motorcycles, inspiring Kade and his crew to explore its racing potential. Surron’s CEO endorsed the project, igniting the team’s dedication to the task at hand.

Adapting the Storm Bee for the rigorous demands of a 24-hour endurance race posed unique challenges. Unlike conventional motorcycles fueled at gas stations, the KC Powersports team strategized battery management, devising a system to rotate six stock batteries during the race. Each lap of the 10-mile racecourse necessitated a battery change, with a rapid recharging process to ensure continual operation.

Surron Storm Bee
Surron Storm Bee

AHM Factory Services stepped in to fine-tune the Storm Bee’s suspension, addressing disparities between its shock and fork. These adjustments targeted improved stability and responsiveness, crucial factors for maneuvering through diverse terrains during the demanding endurance race. Alongside this, the team implemented custom wheelsets, resilient tires, and enhanced lighting provisions for enhanced visibility during nocturnal riding sessions.

Despite the unconventional power source, KC Powersports’ Storm Bee defied expectations, completing the 24-hour endurance race and setting a milestone for electric motorcycles. Its instant power delivery and agile handling showcased the potential of electric bikes in off-road racing, hinting at a paradigm shift in the sport’s landscape.

Surron Storm Bee
Surron Storm Bee

The Storm Bee’s performance left a lasting impression on the KC Powersports team, highlighting its versatility and competitive edge. Although adjustments were necessary to accommodate electric propulsion, the bike’s capabilities surpassed initial skepticism, signaling a promising future for electric motorcycles in competitive racing circuits.

As the off-road community embraces advancements in electric bike technology, opportunities for customization and enhancement emerge. Product innovations such as EVS Flex Lite Elbow Guards, NIHILO CONCEPTS STACYC Axel Nuts, and TM Designworks Beta Bling cater to riders seeking performance and personalization in their equipment.

Furthermore, developments in electric bike design extend beyond racing, with offerings like the Denago Powersports MX-1 appealing to enthusiasts seeking accessible, high-performance options. As manufacturers adapt to evolving preferences and technological advancements, the off-road market continues to diversify, offering solutions for riders of all skill levels and interests.


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