Milwaukee’s Electric Future: LiveWire Charges In

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Custom Harley-Davidson Street Bob
Custom Harley-Davidson Street Bob

Remember working from home during the pandemic? That’s what Harley-Davidson did in 2020, and even after things went back to normal, a lot of office space sat empty. While Harley is finding new uses for some of it, they’re also making a change with their electric motorcycle company, LiveWire.

LiveWire is a separate company from Harley-Davidson, even though it started out as Harley’s electric motorcycle division. In fact, LiveWire is now the #1 electric motorcycle retailer in the U.S.. They’re looking to grow even more, and that includes a move back to Milwaukee, Harley’s hometown.

Custom Harley-Davidson Street Bob
Custom Harley-Davidson Street Bob 

LiveWire’s staff in California will be moving to Harley’s headquarters on Juneau Avenue. This move is supposed to help LiveWire cut costs and connect more with its Harley-Davidson roots. It’s a homecoming for LiveWire, but they’re still going to be their own company.

Things haven’t been easy for LiveWire since they became independent in 2022. They were originally expecting to lose between $115 million and $125 million in 2024. However, their latest report shows they might lose a little less: between $105 million and $115 million. So, things are slowly moving in the right direction for LiveWire!


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