Husqvarna’s 2025 Motocross Lineup: Enhanced Performance & Innovation

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Husqvarna's 2025 Motocross Lineup
Husqvarna's 2025 Motocross Lineup

Approaching the midpoint of the year, motorcycle manufacturers have largely finalized their 2025 model lineup. However, Swedish-Austrian brand Husqvarna has revealed updates targeting its motocross range for the upcoming year.

Building on its consistent release schedule in 2024, Husqvarna now introduces refreshed versions of its two-stroke and four-stroke motocross bikes. The lineup includes revisions to the TC 125, TC 150, TC 250, TC 300, FC 250, FC 350, and FC 450 models, offering riders enhanced off-road experiences.

Husqvarna emphasizes “multiple technical upgrades” across the lineup, focusing on frame adjustments to improve flexibility, reduce weight, and enhance cornering.

Husqvarna's 2025 Motocross Lineup
Husqvarna’s 2025 Motocross Lineup

Additionally, new engine mounts and suspension settings enhance performance and handling. Practical updates, such as redesigned fuel tank shrouds for easier access and increased seat height, contribute to rider comfort and convenience. The inclusion of Dunlop MX34 tires and Brembo braking hardware ensures reliable performance across various terrains.

Notably, Husqvarna expands its motocross range with the introduction of two new models in the two-stroke class. The TC 150 aims to bridge the gap between existing models, while the TC 300 targets 450cc four-stroke competitors. With the revised lineup already available for purchase, Husqvarna invites riders to contact local dealers for pricing details.


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