McLaren’s Hyperbikes: E-Bike Lineup Breakdown & Innovation Overview

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McLaren's Hyperbikes
McLaren's Hyperbikes

McLaren, renowned for its automotive racing heritage, has launched a lineup of e-bikes, blending their car-building expertise into these high-performance bicycles. The four models available in the US, two Extreme and two Sport, showcase McLaren’s technological prowess.

McLaren’s unique approach involves creating the frames themselves, a rare feat among automotive brands. The Extreme models feature full-suspension carbon fiber frames, each requiring over 1,000 hours of craftsmanship. The integrated cockpit, with its moto-like design, stands out.

The 600 Series, touted as the “World’s Most Powerful Trail-Legal Electric Mountain Bike,” features a mid-mounted motor with 600 W nominal and 852 W peak power, delivering 161 Nm (119 lb-ft) of torque.

McLaren's Hyperbikes
McLaren’s Hyperbikes (McLaren)

It includes five riding modes and speeds up to 20 mph (32 kph), powered by a 14.5 Ah battery at 48 V. Suspension is supplied by Fox, with 145 mm rear and 160 mm front travel, and SRAM’s XX Eagle AXS drivetrain with four-piston hydraulic brakes. The Extreme 600 is priced at $11,950 (€11,500).

The Sport models share the same motor and battery but differ in the drivetrain, using SRAM GX Eagle with 12 speeds. They feature RockShox forks and Pirelli tires, priced at $8,950 (€8,300).

While these e-bikes may not fit everyone’s budget, their performance and innovation make them notable. As the first McLaren e-bikes, they could be a hit or miss, but enthusiasts might find them worth a try.

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