Vintage Revival: PBM’s Yamaha XT500 Transformation

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PBM's Yamaha XT500 Transformation
PBM's Yamaha XT500 Transformation

Renowned for its unparalleled versatility spanning across diverse genres, PBM continues to astound enthusiasts with its latest venture, showcased alongside a remarkable specimen amidst its collection of creations. Emerging from its inception as a Yamaha XT500 in the year 1976, this project started on a journey fraught with challenges, getting through various phases before eventually finding its way into the capable hands of PBM.

Clint’s relentless pursuit of his vision led him to Purpose Built Moto, situated on the vibrant Gold Coast, where Tom and his adept team eagerly embraced the task at hand. With the XT500 serving as their blank canvas, PBM started on an odyssey of transformation, infusing fresh vitality into this aging classic.

Examining all of the motorcycle’s complicated components, PBM undertook a comprehensive overhaul of its suspension system, opting to replace stock components with inverted forks sourced from a Kawasaki KX450F for the front while incorporating adjustable shock absorbers from YSS at the rear.

The adoption of Excel wheels, clad in dual-purpose knobbies, and the integration of Kawasaki’s front brake system further enhanced the XT500’s performance and handling.

PBM's Yamaha XT500 Transformation
PBM’s Yamaha XT500 Transformation (Yamaha)

PBM’s craftsmanship shone through as they meticulously crafted bespoke bodywork to complement the bike’s retro charm. From the stylish headlight shroud and compact tail section to the custom rear fender and side covers, every element exuded a blend of form and function.

The cockpit received equal attention, with Daytona instrumentation, ProTaper handlebars, and Motogadget accessories accentuating the bike’s vintage appeal. The integration of modern conveniences, such as LED lighting and aftermarket grips, ensured a harmonious balance between nostalgia and practicality.

With a steadfast commitment to precision and an unparalleled level of dedication, PBM breathed life into Clint’s vision, sculpting a masterpiece that seamlessly marries vintage aesthetics with contemporary performance. As the latest gem in their illustrious collection, this custom XT500 serves as a shining testament to PBM’s innovation.


By Jayson O'Neil

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