Harley-Davidson Breakout: Custom Transformation Showcase

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Harley-Davidson Breakout
Harley-Davidson Breakout

The Harley-Davidson Breakout, a striking softail cruiser with plenty of chrome, first hit the market in 2013. Its production has fluctuated based on demand, leading Harley to discontinue it in the U.S. in 2021, only to reintroduce it two years later with notable enhancements.

The refreshed model boasts a more muscular appearance and an updated chopper style, the highlight being the upgrade from the 114ci Milwaukee-Eight engine to the larger 117ci version. This latest Breakout has quickly gained favor with enthusiasts and custom builders, particularly in Germany, where Thunderbike, a premier Harley customizer, has modified numerous Breakouts.

One standout project included transforming an older 117ci model at the owner’s request. Thunderbike improved its stance with a fork-lowering kit and an air-ride suspension, providing adjustable height for a personalized riding experience.

Harley-Davidson Breakout
Harley-Davidson Breakout (Thunderbike)

The rear wheel retains its stock form but features a new 260 mm wide Metzeler tire and a new steel rear fender with integrated LED indicators and a side-mounted license plate for a cleaner look. Introducing the “Dark Horse,” a custom Breakout that epitomizes aggressive styling and expert craftsmanship with a distinct German flair, courtesy of Thunderbike.

The transformation includes a sleek diamond-like carbon coating replacing the chrome fork, alongside a new headlight fairing and bespoke handlebars featuring satin grips and strip turn lights. Impressively, the entire modification project was completed at a cost of approximately 5,500 euros for the parts alone, demonstrating the affordability of this striking upgrade.

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