Eddy Cuccaro’s Honda Hornet: French Craftsmanship Redefined

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Eddy Cuccaro's Honda Hornet
Eddy Cuccaro's Honda Hornet

Eddy Cuccaro, a dedicated motorcycle aficionado from France, adeptly juggles his professional commitments alongside his cherished family life, all while immersing himself in his fervent love for motorcycle customization. Renowned within the bike-modding circles as L’Etabli d’Eddy, he has recently started an extraordinary venture: the revitalization of a 2001 Honda Hornet.

Commencing with a meticulous disassembly, Eddy’s creative vision breathed new life into every aspect of the bike. Crafting a bespoke subframe by hand, he ingeniously integrated a salvaged swingarm from a Honda VFR800.

To facilitate this transformation, a custom billet aluminum triple clamp was engineered, expertly connecting the enhanced forks to the chassis. Additionally, the robust braking system and front fender from the RSV1000 further augmented the project’s performance and aesthetics. The five-spoke wheels were sourced from the VFR800, completing the chassis overhaul.

Eddy Cuccaro's Honda Hornet
Eddy Cuccaro’s Honda Hornet (Hornet)

Eddy then turned his attention to the bodywork. He installed an aggressive front fairing with a tinted windshield and an aftermarket oval LED headlight. The original fuel tank remains but is now fitted with a fresh aluminum filler cap. The rear end boasts a sleek tail section and a custom saddle by Joan Sellerie, accompanied by a minimalist license plate holder and multi-function LEDs.

The custom stainless-steel exhaust system, built from scratch, features twin slash-cut tips. The intake side benefits from custom velocity stacks, ensuring ample airflow. Final touches include aluminum rear sets and discreet rear-view mirrors, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Eddy’s meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in the bike’s monochromatic color scheme, highlighted by neon accents. His work on this Honda Hornet exemplifies his dedication and skill in motorcycle customization.


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