Ducati’s Unique Scrambler Concepts: Classic Meets Modern at Bike Shed MotoShow

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Ducati's Unique Scrambler Concepts
Ducati's Unique Scrambler Concepts

Celebrating automotive elegance, the Concorso d’Eleganza breaks from the ordinary by featuring a wide range of vehicles, including motorcycles. One standout is BMW’s R20 concept, which dazzles motorcycle fans with its 2,000cc Big Boxer engine and cutting-edge design.

Meanwhile, the Bike Shed MotoShow is a dedicated motorcycle event that has flourished over more than ten years. This show draws in large crowds eager to see a diverse array of innovative and uniquely designed motorcycles.

Ducati's Unique Scrambler Concepts
Ducati’s Unique Scrambler Concepts (Ducati)

Ducati’s presence at the Bike Shed MotoShow fascinated audiences with two striking concepts based on the Scrambler platform. Rooted in the brand’s rich heritage, these concepts blend classic styling with modern flair, offering a look into the future of motorcycle design.

The Ducati Scrambler CR24I pays homage to the iconic British Rocker subculture of the 1960s, infusing classic elements with contemporary aesthetics. Meanwhile, the RR24I embraces a post-apocalyptic motif, exuding minimalist sophistication and rugged appeal.

Even if these ideas could exist in mind for now, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate their potential transition into production models, embodying Ducati’s commitment to innovation and creativity in the motorcycle industry.


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