Vintage Triumph TR6 Trophy: Classic Style Reimagined

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Vintage Triumph TR6 Trophy
Vintage Triumph TR6 Trophy

The 1970 Triumph TR6 Trophy underwent significant modifications, including a new frame and bodywork made from steel. The swingarm was also custom-built from the same material.

The rear suspension features an ingeniously hidden aftermarket monoshock behind the oil tank. The handmade tail section serves as a rear fender and support for a solo black leather seat with gold stitching.

The front suspension is managed by a set of robust 50 mm Kayaba forks connected to a ventilated twin-leading shoe drum brake for a classic look. Custom triple clamps and a fork brace, doubling as a small front fender, connect the forks to the frame. Vintage Firestone tires fit the rims, complementing the retro aesthetic.

Vintage Triumph TR6 Trophy
Vintage Triumph TR6 Trophy (Trophy)

Crafted for optimal functionality and aesthetics, the lighting arrangement incorporates a headlamp ingeniously positioned between the forks and a taillight elegantly affixed to a license plate bracket mounted on the swingarm.

Taking center stage within the cockpit is a seamlessly integrated one-piece handlebar reminiscent of clip-ons, complemented by a compact analog speedometer nestled beneath the top clamp on the left fork tube.

Undergoing a comprehensive revamp, the powertrain, sourced from the TR6 vertical twin lineage, has been meticulously refurbished. Revealing its inner workings, a custom open lower cover showcases the primary drive mechanism. Fueling the engine’s performance is a Mikuni VM32 carburetor, harmonizing with a bespoke stainless-steel exhaust system mounted at a commanding height.

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