Buell’s Global Return: New Bikes and International Expansion

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Buell's Global Return
Buell's Global Return

Buell is making a notable comeback with an ambitious lineup of new motorcycles. Leading this return is the Hammerhead 1190, a sport bike priced at $19,995, and the 1190SX streetfighter at $18,995. The company is also entering the cruiser market with the Super Cruiser and plans to begin production of the Supertouring model later this year.

Additionally, the Baja 1190 Duneracer, designed for off-road use and expected to sell for $19,995, is in the concept stage. These models have been new since Buell’s last international presence, and the company is confident that markets in Canada, Japan, France, Spain, and Brazil will support their expansion efforts.

Buell's Global Return
Buell’s Global Return (Buell)

Buell will begin its “expansion into global markets” this summer, starting with Canada. In subsequent years, the brand will reach the UK, EU countries, and other markets. Buell will operate through a network of international distributors and dealers rather than opening its stores.

The exact size of this network is currently unknown, as Buell is seeking interested parties to establish partnerships. Customers in foreign markets will soon be able to place refundable pre-order deposits, although specific details on this process are not yet available.

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