Harley-Davidson Burning Skull: Thunderbike’s Custom Masterpiece

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Harley-Davidson Burning Skull
Harley-Davidson Burning Skull

Thunderbike, a German workshop famed for its custom motorcycle modifications, has established a prominent place in the Harley-Davidson community over the past thirty years. Their latest masterpiece, the Burning Skull, showcases their expertise.

Starting as a Breakout 114, a favored Harley cruiser introduced in 2013, the bike now features numerous custom enhancements. The Breakout 114, known for its chrome-laden, extended cruiser design, quickly became a favorite in Europe but had a brief pause in the U.S. market from 2021 to 2023.

Initially equipped with a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, the newer version comes with a larger 117ci engine. However, the Burning Skull, built on a 2022 model, retains the 114 engine. Unlike the usual fierce skull designs, Thunderbike’s Burning Skull aims to convey warmth and affection, reflecting its design for a female rider.

Harley-Davidson Burning Skull
Harley-Davidson Burning Skull (Thunderbike)

The bike’s name derives from the skull and flame graphics adorning the bodywork, with the most striking design on the fuel tank, where two skeleton hands form a heart shape. In addition to the custom paint job, modifications include a stretched fuel tank with a four-gallon capacity, custom handlebars, a new headlight cap, and a diamond-like carbon-coated fork.

The bike also features satin footpegs, a padded custom seat, and a widened rear tire. The rear end sports a steel fender, integrated taillights, and a pulley brake system, enhancing the bike’s sleek appearance. Mechanically, the Burning Skull includes a new air filter, forward control kit, and air suspension kit, along with a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust system.

The cost of these customizations is not fully disclosed, but given the high retail price of the base model, $22,499 for the Breakout 117 the total value of the Burning Skull is significant.

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