Custom Cafe Racer: Ducati Monster Transformation by Treasure Garage

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Custom Cafe Racer
Custom Cafe Racer

Keeley Pritchett, a passionate motorcycle customizer since his teens, runs Pritchett and Sons, a lesser-known shop in Wollongong, New South Wales.

Despite his considerable talent, Keeley’s work often goes unnoticed. Starting with a 2002 Yamaha model in less-than-ideal condition, Keeley made significant modifications.

The bike arrived with inverted forks, robust front brakes, and R1 five-spoke wheels but required expert adjustments. The custom rear end was poorly executed and was discarded during the teardown.

Keeley replaced the standard fuel tank with one from a different XJR model year, modifying its underside for a perfect fit. He crafted metal side panels to seamlessly transition between the tank and seat.

The wooden tail section made of maple, with LED turn signals and aluminum plating underneath, is the most striking feature, including four LED taillights and a hidden carbon fiber battery box.

Custom Cafe Racer
Custom Cafe Racer (Andy Aristodimou)

The XJR1300’s transformation into a neo-retro cafe racer by Keeley exemplifies expert customization. At the rear, a single piggyback shock absorber connected to an R1 swingarm, complemented by a custom wheel hugger and an upgraded rear brake disc.

The front end features unique triple clamps, a small custom fender, and an aftermarket LED headlight. In the cockpit, clip-on handlebars are paired with high-end Motogadget accessories, including new grips, innovative bar-end mirrors, and a digital Motoscope Pro dial.

The ergonomic design is refined with CNC-machined rearsets. Keeley ensured the powertrain was in excellent condition, enhancing the intake with aftermarket foam filters and fabricating a custom stainless-steel exhaust system in a four-into-two setup.

The bike’s sophisticated silver and black color scheme is strikingly contrasted by a wooden tail unit. Keeley’s craftsmanship on this project deserves to be celebrated alongside more renowned builders, as his work on the XJR1300 is truly noteworthy.

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