Raptor Force: Custom Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Transformation

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Raptor Force
Raptor Force

Forget the rumbling Harley you once knew. This green machine is the Raptor Force, a ferocious take on the 2023 Fat Boy by customizers Thunderbike.

Inspired by the Green Booster project’s reptilian hue, the Raptor Force sheds its stock skin for an aggressive overhaul. Recognizing the original Fat Boy is a challenge, thanks to a complete transformation.

Thunderbike kicks things off with their Big Speed wheels, a 23-inch monster up front, and a 21-inch behemoth in the rear. A stealthy fiberglass fender guards the front wheel, maintaining the stock steering geometry despite a lowered suspension.

Out back, a one-armed swingarm showcases the wide 260mm Metzeler tire, while a relocated license plate and integrated taillights complete the Raptor Force’s menacing presence.

Raptor Force
Raptor Force (Thunderbike)

A true head-turner on two wheels, the Raptor Force by Thunderbike takes the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy to a whole new level. This custom creation boasts a prehistoric presence, starting with handlebars featuring unique grips textured like dinosaur scales.

The custom seat behind the fuel tank continues the primal theme, offering both comfort and functionality with integrated luggage rack mounts.

Hidden beneath various custom covers are the airbox, clutch, and ignition, adding a touch of mystery to the machine.

While the engine remains largely stock, performance upgrades include an air ride suspension for a smoother ride and a Dr. Jekyll & Mr.Hyde exhaust system for a throatier roar. These modifications, along with the extensive custom parts, make the Raptor Force a truly one-of-a-kind machine.

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