Ryvid Sosa Anthem: Cristian Sosa’s Custom Take on Electric Motorcycles

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Ryvid Sosa Anthem
Ryvid Sosa Anthem

Forget roaring engines and bulky exhaust pipes, electric motorcycles are reshaping the design world. This shift is giving custom builders a fresh canvas to work with, exemplified by the Ryvid Sosa Anthem.

This electric motorcycle from the Californian startup Ryvid isn’t just about functionality; it’s a head-turning concept that hints at the future of two-wheeled transportation.

With a practical focus on urban commuting, the Anthem boasts a respectable 75-mile range and a zippy 75 mph top speed.

The bike’s recent appearance at Coachella, ridden by none other than Lana Del Rey, underscores its undeniable cool factor.

Ryvid Sosa Anthem
Ryvid Sosa Anthem (Ryvid)

Cristian Sosa, a renowned motorcycle builder from Las Vegas, took things a step further with his custom Anthem.

Sosa, known for his work on the Discovery Channel’s Counting Cars, brings his signature touch to the electric motorcycle world for the first time with the Ryvid Sosa Anthem.

Cristian Sosa, a renowned custom metal fabricator, has taken the Ryvid Anthem electric bike and injected it with a whole lot of personality. Unlike the standard Anthem’s minimalist design, the Sosa Anthem boasts a completely revamped look.

While the upper part of the bike remains untouched, Sosa has ditched the fairing and crafted new aluminum bodywork for the sides. Even the wheels have been given an upgrade with aftermarket replacements.


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