Honda Grom Redefined: Guy Willison’s Turbocharged, Nitrous-Injected Mini-Bike Masterpiece

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Honda Grom Redefined
Honda Grom Redefined

Forget the factory look. Honda’s Grom has become a canvas for creative customizers thanks to its compact size and budget-friendly price tag.

From stretched-out dragsters to eye-catching color schemes, builders are constantly redefining what a mini-bike can be.

This particular Grom achieves a perfect harmony between brutal power and stunning visuals. Equipped with a turbocharger, this seemingly ordinary Grom hides a surprising amount of muscle.

The fascinating paintwork and imposing stance make it unforgettable. But this isn’t just another weekend project; the mastermind behind this incredible Grom is the renowned British custom bike builder Guy “Skid” Willison.

Honda Grom Redefined
Honda Grom Redefined (5Four Motorcycles)

Willison boasts decades of experience and has been featured on numerous British television programs. For him, motorcycles are more than a hobby; they’re deeply ingrained in his way of life.

Ditching the traditional rear suspension system, this Honda Grom project opted for a rigid setup to enhance stability.

The exterior transformation mirrored the mechanical upgrades. Shedding all but the fuel tank and front fender, the Grom received custom-made side covers, a stylish front fairing, and a handcrafted leather seat featuring diamond-pattern stitching.

The cockpit was streamlined with a new handlebar, while the stock dashboard remained. To complete the metamorphosis, a one-of-a-kind paint scheme was developed in collaboration with a renowned shoe designer.

The resulting graphics, incorporating a touch of artistic flair, flowed seamlessly onto the seat upholstery. This project, spearheaded by Guy Willison, exemplifies the power of teamwork and collaboration.

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