Deus Japan’s Yamaha SR400: A Minimalist, Modern Custom Motorcycle Transformation

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Deus Japan's Yamaha SR400
Deus Japan's Yamaha SR400

A symbol of the international influence of custom motorcycles, Deus Ex Machina, stands out with its unique builds.

Launched in Sydney by Jeremy Tagand in 2006, Deus has grown beyond its Australian origins, opening workshops across the globe.

This eye-catching machine hails from the Tokyo Deus chapter, led by shop manager Tomoyuki Soeda and his crew.

Their starting point? A brand new Yamaha SR400, a favorite choice among customizers. With the client’s motorcycle prepared, the Deus team got straight to work on their signature transformation.

Deus Japan's Yamaha SR400
Deus Japan’s Yamaha SR400 (Deus Ex Machina)

In the hands of Deus Japan’s skilled craftsmen, this Yamaha SR400 undergoes a radical metamorphosis. The once-stock exterior is cast aside, with only the iconic fuel tank remaining as a badge of honor for its heritage.

This commitment to a minimalist aesthetic extends to the front end, where a custom-fabricated fender flanks a modern, LED headlight. The transformation doesn’t stop there.

Gone are the original wire-spoked wheels, replaced by a set of classic cast seven-spoke units borrowed from earlier SR models.

These wheels are wrapped in aggressive Dunlop flat-track tires, a bold choice that underscores the bike’s newfound performance focus.

This harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and timeless design hints at the exciting mechanical upgrades lurking beneath the meticulously crafted exterior.

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