Shiro’s Brat-Style Moto Guzzi: A Fusion of Classic Italian and Modern Performance

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Shiro's Brat-Style Moto Guzzi
Shiro's Brat-Style Moto Guzzi

Instead of dreading a disassembled motorcycle, Shiro saw it as a blank canvas for his creativity. With a Brat-style masterpiece in mind, he only salvaged the core components of the frame and engine from the donor machine.

His first move involved revising the steering stem to achieve a lowered, aggressive posture. He then addressed the suspension, swapping the front end for Ceriani replica forks by CR Suspension.

At the rear, Ohlins top-of-the-line, fully-adjustable STX 36 shocks took over damping duties. To complement these changes, Shiro laced 18-inch Excel rims with stainless-steel spokes onto the stock hubs.

Classic Dunlop tires, front and back, completed the rolling stock. Recognizing the importance of stopping power, Shiro upgraded the front brakes with four-piston Brembo calipers that clamp down on drilled Sunstar rotors.

Shiro's Brat-Style Moto Guzzi
Shiro’s Brat-Style Moto Guzzi (46Works)

New hoses and a Brembo master cylinder rounded out the system. Interestingly, he opted to retain the rear drum brake, a nod to the bike’s heritage and a touch of old-school simplicity.

Transformed by the expertise of Nakajima-san, this Moto Guzzi is no mere restoration. It’s a performance-focused masterpiece reborn from classic Italian bones.

A bespoke aluminum suit, including a gleaming fuel tank, fenders, and side covers, replaces the original components. The black Razzle Dazzle leather seat offers a luxurious contrast.

High-end touches abound, with billet rearsets providing a sure grip, Daytona Velona gauges offering a clear view of vitals, and Motogadget bar-end turn signals adding a touch of modern elegance.

A timeless Brat-style headlight leads the way, while a subtle LED taillight completes the sleek profile. But the transformation goes beyond aesthetics. Nakajima-san’s meticulous hand has brought the Guzzi’s V-twin engine back to life, ensuring this motorcycle is not just stunning to behold but thrilling to ride.

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