BMW R80/7 Bobber: SRC’s Tribute to the Classic R69S

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BMW R807 Bobber
BMW R807 Bobber

Client Jonathon brought a distinct vision to Side Rock Cycles (SRC): a 1978 BMW R80/7 bobber that echoed the classic BMW R69S.

Pete Hodson, a seasoned builder with a well-documented love for old-school BMWs, was the perfect fit for the project.

Jonathon’s admiration for the R69S’s design became the guiding principle. The SRC crew started on a meticulous transformation, stripping the R80/7 down to its core.

Unnecessary parts were discarded, and the frame underwent a rigorous cleaning. With an eye towards highlighting it visually later, the rear section and any excess brackets were eliminated, leaving a pristine foundation ready for paint.

BMW R807 Bobber
BMW R807 Bobber (BMW)

SRC’s focus then shifted to the bodywork. Gone were the original panels, replaced with a stunning fuel tank from a later R series model.

This centerpiece received a stylish Monza flip-up filler cap and custom badges that cleverly merged the BMW logo with SRC’s own branding.

The transformation was well underway, with each element meticulously chosen to pay homage to the iconic R69S while showcasing SRC’s signature craftsmanship.

Inspired by the iconic lines of the BMW R69S, Side Rock Cycles sculpted a stunning custom motorcycle they christened the Duchess.

A breathtaking gloss white paint job takes center stage, enveloping the frame, fuel tank, and custom-crafted fenders.

The rear fender, mounted low on the swingarm in a nod to the R69S heritage, creates a clean and streamlined look. Black pinstripes dance across the white canvas of the tank and fenders, adding a touch of classic flair.

The luxurious brown leather bobber seat, crafted by Glenn Moger, injects a dose of elegance and complements the whole color scheme.

This meticulous attention to detail extends throughout the Duchess, from the rebuilt engine to the modernized components.

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